What are the tools available for accessing data?

The UCSB Data Warehouse is a central repository of institutional data that includes information from several transaction systems. EZ Access, Hyperion, and Power BI are tools for reporting, analytics, and business intelligence (BI). With EZ Access, users can run standard reports with sort and filter features; with Hyperion, users can customize queries and reports; and with Power BI, users can view standard reports, while Administrators can create ad hoc reports. All of the tools listed here utilize information stored in the Data Warehouse.



Account and Access Data Warehouse EZ Access Hyperion Power BI
Direct Access to Tables/Views Y N Y Y
Standardized Reports Y Y N N
Customize Queries/Ad Hoc Reports N N Y Administrator
Export to Excel N Y Y Y
Export to PDF N Y N N
Login Method Hyperion, SQL Single Sign-on Hyperion Power BI
Password Management Self-Service Identity Self-Service Identity
Type of Tool Data Repository Reporting Reporting Business Intelligence