We announced a few years ago that Hyperion would eventually be retired and replaced by a newer, supported reporting tool/platform.  As you’re probably aware, Hyperion Web is a very old Business Intelligence tool that runs on outdated hardware and software, and we face security risks by continuing to run Hyperion on hardware and software that is no longer supported.  In addition, Hyperion Web requires Internet Explorer, which will not be available on Windows 11.  Current browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) are not compatible with Hyperion Web. 

We have decided to transition Hyperion Web reports to Power BI.  We are replicating existing Hyperion reports in Power BI, and we are working closely with Hyperion Web users throughout the transition period.  There will be multiple opportunities for feedback from the key stakeholders for each report during design, development, and testing activities.

Our goal is to ensure that each of the redeveloped reports works the same if not better in Power BI than it did in Hyperion Web.


Who will be affected by this transition?

Current users of Hyperion Web reports will be part of this transition.  Users of Hyperion Desktop will not be impacted at this point.


When will this transition take place?

We are developing a timeline and project plan now, and our goal is to deploy the new versions of the Hyperion Web reports in Power BI over the next 10 months.  We are working with current Hyperion Web users to ensure that the order in which we develop the new reports is aligned with their business priorities and expectations.  As each new set of reports is released in Power BI, there will be a parallel period with Hyperion Web, and after a specified period of time, the original report in Hyperion Web will be decommissioned.

How will I get access?

We will onboard current Hyperion Web users to Power BI in the appropriate release based on their current level of access and data category permissions.  We will create documentation for onboarding new/additional users after the initial onboarding takes place.

What kind of training will be available?

We will provide the first round of training to the initial set of Hyperion Web users who will be supporting the user acceptance testing effort.  Training for additional users will be announced once we get closer to the go-live date for each of the release phases.  We will also be offering self-service training to those who are interested in building their reports in Power BI from the datasets provided.

How can you help?

If you’re a current Hyperion Web user, you might be asked to help validate the new reports for accuracy, including column order, filter order, friendly column names, report results, and any additional business logic requirements or custom needs pertaining to your current use of Hyperion Web.  We will also be partnering with current Hyperion Web users to support the user acceptance testing effort (details and schedule to be provided as part of release planning).

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